Australian Consulate-General
New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna

Cyclone season: are you ready?


Australians and Canadians living in the French Pacific, are you prepared for the cyclone season?

The cyclone season in the Pacific is usually between October and May, but cyclones can occur at other times. Even small tropical storms can develop into major cyclones causing extreme damage to infrastructure. This can cut off communications and access to transportation, emergency assistance, medical care, and food and water.

The French Pacific can also be affected by adverse weather and cyclones.

The “climate and natural disasters” section of the Australian travel advice for New Caledonia contains information on the local cyclone warning system as well as links to the websites (in French) of local authorities. Subscribe for advice updates on Smartraveller. Smartraveller, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and the Queensland Government have advice in English about preparing your home for cyclone season.

For Canadian citizens, please also consult the Canadian travel advice for New Caledonia, register your details on the Canadian consular registrar and follow the Canadian recommendations on tropical cyclones.

This summer, be cyclone aware and ready!