Australian Consulate-General
New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna

Visas and travel conditions to Canada



Outside of consular, passport and notarial services, which are provided by the Australian Consulate-General, we are unable to provide further information than is outlined below.

The Australian Consulate-General in Noumea does not manage enquiries relating to visas, immigration-citizenship or entry-exit requirements to AustraliaNew Caledonia or Wallis-and-Futuna, or Canada and we are unable to escalate applications or issues with the authorities in Australia, New Caledonia or Wallis-and-Futuna, or Canada.

For urgent consular assistance to Canadian citizens in New Caledonia or in Wallis-and-Futuna, please call +687 27 24 14 (outside of our office hours, follow the prompts to be connected to the 24/7 Consular Emergency Centre in Canberra, also contactable outside our office hours on 1300 555 135 in Australia or on +61 2 6261 3305 from overseas). At any time, Canadian citizens may also contact the 24/7 Canadian Emergency Watch and Response Centre in Ottawa (email: [email protected] – phone: +1 613 996 8885 with call collect accepted where available).


Under the Consular Sharing Agreement with Canada, the Australian Consulate-General in Noumea can provide some consular services to Canadian citizens in New Caledonia and in Wallis-and-Futuna.

The Consular Sharing Agreement with Canada does not extend to foreign nationals seeking information on or assistance with Canadian visas, transits, immigration, biometric data collection, work, study, taxation, trade or social security enquiries.

These matters are managed by Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Services which need to be contacted directly.

People requiring information on Canada should consult the websites of the Government of Canada and of the Immigration Refugees Citizenship (IRCC) and check the IRCC Web Form if you have an application in process to check your application status online and find answers to your questions in the Canadian Help Centre. 

You may also contact the Canadian Immigration Service of the Canadian Consulate-General in Sydney, Australia (email: [email protected] – phone: +61 2 9364 3000). Please note the mailboxes of Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Services work on a triage basis.

If your request requires urgent attention, please mark URGENT in your email subject. Please also contact your airline or travel agent for assistance as well as your diplomatic or consular representation in Canada and check out the French travel advice for Canada or the travel advice for Canada of your country of nationality.

For information on visits to the Pacific by Canadian Immigration Services, please follow their publications on Canada in the Pacific | Facebook and contact organisers directly.


The Australian Consulate-General in Noumea cannot provide advice on Canadian visa-immigration including ETAs and transit visas, biometric data collection, work permits or employment, taxation, social security, trade or study enquiries. These matters are managed by Canadian Immigration and Citizenship services. People should contact Canadian Immigration and Citizenship services directly for advice and assistance.